A Look at Sony’s Vision-S Concept Car

A Look at Sony’s Vision-S Concept Car

After Sony’s press conference at CES, Sony blew everyone’s mind by announcing an electric car called the Sony Vision-S. No one was expecting this in any way and the most surprising thing about it is that the car looks legit.

Sony says it’s a prototype car but its somewhere between what is traditionally considered a concept car and a prototype car. Meaning it has things like functional brakes, a dashboard, and touch screens that actually work and a bunch of other features that you expect to see in a car that a company is going to try and develop and test out on the road.

On the design side, it looks pretty competent. It shares a lot of traits with modern electric vehicles like Tesla or the cars from startups like Lucid Motors. It has a lot of smooth lines, big sweeping glass roof and lighting that sort of goes around the vehicle and of course, door handles that pop out.

The car is powered by two electric motors, one on each axel generating 200KW or 268HP each. The Sony Vision-S does a 0 – 60 sprint in 4.8sec and goes up to a top speed of 149 MPH or 240 KMH.

The car is built on a skateboard platform with the batteries placed below the car which allows for a lower center of gravity which gives it better handling.

Sony Vision-S chassis

The Sony Vision-S is always connected to the internet via a 5G network and just like any computer, the plan is to keep improving the car’s software and safety features with continuous updates and optimizations.

When it comes to safety, Sony Vision-S has something called oval sensing. It’s loaded with 33 sensors which constantly monitors both the inside and outside environment with the ability to take precautions thoroughly and quicker than humans. These sensors enable a 360-degree recognition of traffic conditions at all times.

This also provides functions such as advanced cruise control, self-parking, auto lane change functions and level two plus autonomous driving.

Probably the most impressive thing inside the car is the screen that spans the whole dashboard with different sections that can display different content for the driver and the passenger and the software looks really polished.

front interior of the Sony Vision-S

The design is clean and it all moves really well with fluid animations, the graphics all look really nice. There’s a touchpad in the center console as well as a volume nob with buttons in appropriate places. It’s basically what you’d expect from a SONY touchscreen product.

However, not everybody is going to want a set of touchscreens that span the entire dashboard but as we head towards the future where automakers put more screens inside their cars, this might just be one of the better ways to implement it, with sections that go across the dashboard, displaying different contents so that the driver isn’t distracted by what the passenger is looking at.

So why did Sony decide to make a prototype electric car?

Well, the company makes a bunch of different technologies that it thinks it will work well in the automotive space. That could be its camera sensors which are crucial to things like autonomous driving, 360-degree special surround sound that permeates the inside of the cabin.

So, Sony figured what better way to really advertise all that than to make an electric car.

That being said, Sony says it has no plans to mass-produce or do a limited run of the car. The idea of building a Sony electric car might be exiting but knowing how much it cost to develop and produce a new car, its probably for the best that Sony isn’t going down that road anytime soon.

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