Segway S-Pod a Cool motorized chair

Segway S-Pod a Cool motorized chair

There is some pretty cool tech this year at CES and one of them is the Segway S-Pod. At first glance, it looks like the wheelchairs from the movie Wall E it also looks like an egg.

Segway envisions the S-Pod as a transportation device for closed ecosystems like college campuses, theme parks or around airports.

The S-Pod charges in just two hours and it will get you forty-three miles with a maximum speed of 24MPH. that pretty fast for a “wheelchair”.

There are two wheels on the bottom and the whole pod is suspended between them. It’s controlled with a joystick on the right side that you move forward, backward, or you don’t touch it at all to stop.

The S-Pod can spin 360 degrees in both directions.

I took it for a spin and it was pretty cool. It was a feeling of nostalgia very reminiscent of my childhood days.

The second you step into the S-Pod the whole machine balances, it feels floaty and rocks back and forth balancing your weight as you go.

Getting used to the controls took less than a minute and the pod actually responds to your body movement while you are sitting in it. if you sit in it and lean forward without touching the joystick it will move forward just a little bit like a Segway.

way S-Pod

There are also small valise-like wheels on the front and back of the pod that make sure you don’t tip over.

There’s also a tablet slot on the left side, you push the tablet in and pop it out like an SD card.

So, who is the Segway S-Pod for?

Well, its, designed for cities of the future, a time when cars aren’t necessarily important but people still need to get around comfortably.

The Segway S-Pod will be available for business later this year and it will trickle down to consumers after that. However, there is no price point yet.

It’s a pretty cool tech and I’d love to have one.

So, what do you think of the S-Pod? Would you like to get one?

Darrell Flinch

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